Moving Tips

A smooth move starts with plenty of preparation time and careful planning.

to move and make plans to remove what you do not want to move. Schedule a garage sale or make donations to a local charity.

* Make any reservations necessary (hotel, plane, etc.).
* Make special preparation for important documents, personal records or software.
* Discontinue services such as newspaper, water, utilities and garbage collection.
* Send change of address to family, friends and subscriptions.
* Remove all articles from crawl space and attics with a disappearing staircase.
* Disconnect all appliances (washer, dryer, ice maker).
* Remove pictures, mirrors, window treatment and shelves from the walls.
* Note articles not to be moved or locate them in one area.
* Drain gas from motorized items.
* Make arrangements for perishable and flammable products.
* If paying with certified check make time for a bank trip.