Corporate Account

Corporate account customers are priority one. This V.I.P. status ensures that from start to finish every detail of your relocation is our concern. Our representative will work with your company to create a relocation package tailored to your specific requirements.


* Account manager to handle all the details of your relocation
* Contract in place with all the terms and conditions of cost factors
     Free valuation coverageyou will be able to track all your
     No peak season rates
     Extended SIT available
     Favorable pricing terms and volume incentives
* No summer "cut offs"
* Best service providers go to the national accounts
* Eliminate stress on employee

Our new employee-managed relocation program gives corporate clients the ability to maximize their offerings to lump sum moves. EMR is an extension of contract rates and terms to all employees and at the same time ensures the same level of move coordination.
* Increases lump sum dollars to employee
* Ensures all levels in a company have options
* Increases the number of services available
* Assistance to Do-It-Yourself Moves


As a national account customer you will be able to track all your employee's moves via the internet. Shipment tracking, mileage guide, and claims and billing reporting are all at your fingertips.

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